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Nick Maram & Associates is a reputable Texas Defective Products Law Firm at the forefront of representing injury victims all over Texas. For over 20 years, we have dedicated ourselves to helping victims injured by products that are defective in their manufacturing, marketing, or design.

Every year, defective products injure about 3 million Americans and kill at least 20,000. These products include: vehicles, toys, home appliances, electronics, furniture, equipments and tools, food and beverages, construction materials, and all other kinds of products manufactured for home or business use.

Between 2009 and 2011, Toyota recalled over 9 million vehicles for defects in the floor mat and accelerator pedal. It issued a separate recall for hybrid anti-lock brake software. Ford, Audi, and other leading car manufacturers have also announced recalls for defects that can cause fires, rollovers, and other serious accidents. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, over 220,000 children were injured in 2010 alone. In 2011, the Commission recalled 34 defective toys that had the potential to blind, choke, cut, strangle, puncture, or otherwise injure children. Examples of defective products include:

A product is defective if some flaw in its make, design, or labeling results in bodily injury or death. Product liability is the area of law holding manufacturers, distributors, and retailers liable for making or failing to warn consumers of a defective product. Product liability claims are generally classified into three different categories. Design defects refer to some inherent flaw in the way the product operates. A malfunctioning ladder, for example, could become dangerous only when it is used, even if there is no defect in the manufacturing of the product. A flaw in manufacturing, on the other hand, refers to mistakes in how the product was made or assembled of a product, rather than its design. A manufacturing flaw may be caused by anything from shoddy workmanship to dangerous or poor-quality materials. Manufacturers are also liable for failure to warn consumers of the product’s possible dangers either through improper labeling or misleading advertising.

Texas law protects victims injured by defective products. The Civil Practice & Remedies Code defines a products liability action as any action against a manufacturer or seller for recovery of damages arising out of personal injury, death, or property damage caused by a defective product. To show a design defect, claimants must prove that there was a safer alternative design that would have prevented or “significantly reduced” the risk of personal injury or death. Depending on the type and severity of injury, plaintiffs can recover different kinds of compensation, including property damage, medical expenses, lost wages, and other disability damages. Plaintiffs who can show fraud, malice, or gross negligence on the part of the manufacturer may also be entitled to “exemplary” damages, court costs, and attorney fees.

If you have been injured or lost a loved one due to an incident, accident, or situation involving a defective product, call an experienced Texas Defective Products Attorneys right away. For over 20 years, we have provided the high quality legal representation to injured victims and the families of wrongful death victims from all areas of Texas, obtaining financial compensation for our clients in complex personal injury cases. We do not charge anything to start working on your case and only get paid if compensation has been received in your case. This means that we take all the risk in spending our resources (money, time, and efforts) and you are guaranteed that in case of no recovery you owe us nothing as expenses or attorneys fees. For a free consultation with an experienced Texas personal injury attorney, call (800) 979-7222 or Contact Us online. We look forward to hearing from you.


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