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Nick Maram & Associates, P.C. and its team of lawyers have stood up and continue to stand up for injury victims, putting experience and resources to work for every client.

We have helped thousands of injured victims and their families for over 25 years. Our Houston personal injury attorneys are at the forefront of fighting for victims and families, who have suffered devastating losses caused by the negligence of others.

Our firm’s primary focus is representing injured victims and their families in obtaining justice by holding the responsible parties and/or companies financially responsible for their damages.

These are some of the things that set us apart from other firms:

  1. We do not charge a penny to start working on any injury or wrongful death case.

  2. We guarantee that we only get paid when compensation has been received in your case

  3. We take all the risk of investing our time and money in your case. We guarantee that in an event when there is no recovery in your case, you owe us absolutely nothing as attorneys’ fees, court costs or case expenses.


  1. No “Case Manager” working on your case. We only allow our attorneys to work on your legal matter. We strongly believe that when you pay for an attorney, an attorney should do the work not a “case manager” who is usually a glorified legal assistant! You hire a lawyer and that is exactly what you get at our firm to help you in your case.

  2. Medical referrals. We help clients by advancing the cost in most instances to see a specialist of their choice for follow up care.

  3. We have the resources to hire experts including experts as appropriate in your case. These experts can include medical professionals, economists, engineers and other professionals to help prove your total damages beyond your past medical expenses and past lost wages. The more serious the injury the more legal proof is needed to demonstrate according to law of the impact you have suffered.

We Are Ready To Fight For You In And Out Of The Court House!

The Firm’s Lead Trial Attorney Rory S. Alter is a Board Certified Attorney Who Specializes in Personal Injury and is certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

Our Houston personal injury lawyers have a combined experience of fighting for injured victims rights for over 100 years. We are all seasoned attorneys in the field of personal injury law and are proud to help families when others turn them away. Nick Maram and Rory S Alter are members of the Million Dollar Advocate Forum, which accepts as members only those trial lawyers who have demonstrated exceptional skill, experience and excellence in advocacy. Fewer than 1% of U.S. lawyers are members. Nick Maram has also been named one of Houston’s Top Lawyers by H-Texas magazine in 2011 and 2013.

We have successfully handled all types of cases involving personal injury and wrongful death. Our experienced Houston personal injury attorneys handle complex personal injury cases against multi-billion dollar corporations and insurance companies. We have continued to obtain the best outcome possible for injured victims and bereft family member all across Texas.


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